Ritsuko, War and Peace

A woman emerges from the destruction caused by the Second World War with the firm intention of facing a project of her own. This novel, which includes numerous historical elements, consists of the account of the first years of that enterprise and the stories of those who were directly or indirectly linked to it. Through their experiences we obtain a fresco of the changes that Japan went through from the 1920s to 1949, before, during and after the war. The story has an intimate character that emphasizes the psychological processes of its characters and their affective relationships, linking them to political, economic and social events in a period of great changes, which include the rise of militarism and imperialism, their defeat and a start over in the middle of a scorched land. This new beginning is the main subject of the story. It is a tribute to the woman who had this initiative, to those who supported it and to women in general, who in those years had access to new civil and political rights.

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